What Acuity Means

Insight through convenience

Because Acuity Diagnostics operates 24/7, specimens can arrive earlier and test results can be reported out sooner — usually on the same day or within 24 hours. As a local employer, we take great pride in our highly trained staff and the exceptional service we offer. Our representatives, technical staff, management and medical professionals live locally and are always available for your questions or consultation when it is most convenient for you. To help eliminate billing errors, we work with one of the nation’s leading billing companies so you can be sure your invoices are accurate and on time.

Insight through coverage

We offer a comprehensive list of accepted insurance providers in your area. Because our fees are reasonable and competitive, patients will not experience expensive co-pays, deductibles or exorbitant non-covered service charges. With Acuity Diagnostics you can eliminate the need for multiple laboratories due to managed care contract exclusives. Our laboratory will work closely with your patients to ensure financial feasibility is maintained.

Insight through local testing

Acuity Diagnostics offers over 1,200 tests, the majority of which are performed locally in East Texas. That means specimens do not travel long distances before being analyzed, ensuring their integrity and allowing for faster results.

A vast array of tests, from the routine to the highly esoteric is available via one requisition. Critical results, problem specimens or complex cases will be promptly called to you by one of our technologists, physicians or customer service representatives.
Additionally, Baylor College of Medicine, an extensive resource of pathology expertise, is available to you locally with specialties in histopathology, hematopathology, dermatopathology and cytopathology.

Insight through technology

Acuity Diagnostics offers the most advanced lab automation system in the area including autovalidation, total chematology automation and post-analytical automation. This greatly reduces accessioning errors and turnaround time.

Specimens arriving with instrument-ready bar code labels bypass manual data entry accessioning, are placed directly on the lab automation track, tested, autovalidated, reported and stored — all in one highly efficient process. Our computerized specimen retrieval system ensures highly accurate and efficient retrieval of specimens for expedient add-on testing and specimen storage.

Insight through informatics

We believe information technology is the wave of the future and has the ability to improve the delivery of patient care. Acuity Diagnostics employs a team of dedicated IT specialists that connect our laboratory with your practice via the latest electronic technology.

Through our Lab Insight System (LIS) we have the ability to tailor specimen submission and test resulting to meet your individual needs. You can order tests electronically, prepare specimens with instrument-ready bar code labels, perform medical necessity checking and receive results immediately upon release. Our exclusive system allows you to order tests more easily, ensure specimen submission integrity and receive results faster.

Insight through personal service

Acuity Diagnostics offers a variety of additional services that are designed to improve regional health care delivery.

  • Integrated results — inpatient, outpatient, outreach
  • Accessible representatives to personally watch over your account
  • In-office phlebotomy training
  • OSHA and accreditation consulting for COLA accredited physician office laboratories
  • Flexible specimen pick up times
  • STAT, routine, esoteric and anatomic pathology testing performed locally by people you trust
  • 98% of tests are performed within 60 miles of your practice to ensure specimen integrity, quick turnaround time and personal service

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